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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Life around Tea Gardens, NSW.

I first came to Tea Gardens, over 60 years ago, with my family. Those days it was a very small village, mainly of fishermen, and timber cutters. A vehicular ferry service was established in 1928, and fed Hawks Nest, and was the only access to it.

Years later, my family holidayed on the Myall Lakes, at a place called Legge's Camp, at Bombah Point, in a wonderful old house, owned by Mr. Harry (and Mrs. Emily) Legge, with whom I was photographed as a boy (below)...c.1957-59.

Legge's Camp used to have a manually operated ferry service, which plied a narrow part (abt: 50 yds) of the Myall Lakes, Bombah Point to the Mungo Brush side. I still have a photo of us, as kids, fishing off the old punt!

I remember that there were NO powerboats allowed on the lake, those days, apart from fishermen and the 'supplies' boat from Tea Gardens/ Hawks Nest, which brought our Milk and Bread, especially what they called a 'Tin Loaf'. Oh, memories. Every day, or so, a wonderful array of Fish was available from fishermen, and I was gob-smacked at the amount of fish in one place!

Anyway, I've come back to the region I've learnt to love, and have been shocked by the growth of the population - the services hardly handle the rush of tourists in holiday season, and most of them close their doors, when it ends.

I write this post during 'Earth Hour', in Tea Gardens, (and all of Australia, and some of the world), where you turn out all your lights for one hour, to save energy. Thank goodness for batteries !

The Myall river at Tea Gardens.

A local eccentric ...

Mr. Harry, and Mrs Emily Legge

Kids fishing from the old punt (ferry) - Me, a boy named Roden, and my sister, Jenny.

Mr. Harry Legge, and myself, c.1957-59 : -

Me, at the new ferry station, on the Mungo Brush side, opposite Legge's 2017!


Saturday, March 04, 2017

What can be done with old fence palings

I'm not a carpenter's bootlace when it comes to joinery, or any form of woodwork, but fast becoming one of my favourite hobbies, is making things with the wooden posts, railings & palings, from one of our old backyard fences. There's generally, a fair bit of good quality hardwood still present in each paling, and it's just a matter of cutting off the rotted bits. I don't use nails, as they requires a hammer, which, if you miss the nail, as I often do, hurts your finger(s). I have a hammer which works.

Here are some of my completed projects, which aren't too bad for a mug craftsman/hobbiest...

Currently, I'm making a Trivet.


Monday, October 26, 2015

William Ricketts Sanctuary, Mount Dandenong, Victoria, Australia.

Without a doubt, the William Ricketts Sanctuary is an attraction to rival any I've ever seen. Interwoven into the natural, quiet of the bush setting, are magnificent sculptures of Australian Aboriginal people, and the Fauna of this great land. In a Government run National Park which opens daily, from 10:00am to 4:30pm daily (except Christmas Day), the sanctuary is definitely on my re-visit list.

William Ricketts Sanctuary is located on Mt. Dandenong Tourist Road, Mt Dandenong, Victoria.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

'Great Ocean Road - Maits Rest Walk'.

A great Walk, a great Road - the Great Ocean Road. 'Maits Rest Walk' is an unbelievably enjoyable stroll through forest giants, Tree Ferns of fantastic size, and a peacefulness and serenity, I've not experienced before. Located nr. Hordern Vale, about 15 minutes west of Apollo Bay, I would have preferred a rainy day, to experience it.